Studies in Biology at EMU

If you’re interested in biology, you’re interested in life. You have a passion for human health, animals, forests, streams, and soil and the desire to make a difference for generations to come. With a degree from EMU, you will gain the knowledge and skills to make meaningful, scientific contributions for a better world and be able to articulate the important role of science in our society.  

At EMU you’ll join a team of students and professors who share your interests. You’ll develop transferable skills for many careers, as you conduct novel experiments with tangible impacts.  You’ll have the privilege of working with faculty on research projects  and/or gaining career experiences through practicums or internships.  

As you analyze data, debate issues, and engage in field work in the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding regions, you’ll develop skills in scientific interpretation and an awareness of the ethical issues that surround science. Our school’s small size means ready access to equipment and we have newly renovated facilities that reflect current trends in laboratory design.

Although biology is one of the biggest programs at EMU, you’ll receive individual instruction, from professors who will mentor you. We have an excellent reputation; our graduates are sought both by graduate schools and employers – they know EMU biology grads are well-prepared critical thinkers with real-world experience.

Biology Faculty

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