Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Pre-Professional Health Sciences (PPHS) at EMU is designed for students who wish enter careers in health science such as medicine, physical therapy, or other similar health related careers.

Students who are service-oriented, compassionate, interested in health and human body issues, and academically competent can develop into skilled health care professionals.

Our undergraduate program emphasizes cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking skills, quality academics and Christian empathy, preparing students for entrance into graduate-level health professional programs.

Currently, there is a shortage of health care professionals in most areas; during the next decade the U.S. Department of Labor projects a growth of more than 25% in the health care industry, meaning more new jobs than any other industry.

While most PPHS students are biology majors, it is possible to major in chemistry, mathematics or an area in the liberal arts and still succeed in the program at EMU.

Important documents for PPHS students:

PPHS Advisory Committee:

Jeff Copeland 432-4625
Kim Brenneman 432-4429
Greta Ann Herin 432-4414
Daniel King 432-4467