Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Pre-Professional Health Sciences


Are you service-oriented, compassionate, interested in health and human body issues, and committed to academic excellence?  The Pre-Professional Health Sciences (PPHS) Program at EMU can help you develop into a skilled health care professional.

Most PPHS students are biology majors, but you could decide to major in chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics or an area in the liberal arts. Because graduate schools value a broad education, we recommend a minor in a non-science area that interests you. 

Go to program information for information and documents for all PPHS students. For program-specific details, click on one of the career programs options below.

 Advisory Committee:

Tara Kishbaugh, Chair 432-4665
Stephen Cessna 432-4403
Greta Ann Herin 432-4414
Daniel King 432-4467
Greg Koop 432-4428
Kristopher Schmidt 432-4409