Other Medical Careers

Our most popular PPHS career tracks are pre-med, pre-physician assistant and pre-physical therapy, but we can prepare you for a wide variety of other professional health careers.

Find the health care career of your dreams

Choose from a wide variety of medical and health care careers and we'll help you get there. Here are some options to consider.

The advising guides at the links below provide information about the coursework necessary to successfully prepare for further study in these professions. These courses will be taken in coordination with the requirements of the major you choose:

What will you major in? 

Pre-professional health is not a major but a set of courses intended to prepare you for further study in your desired area of medical practice. Our faculty will carefully advise you on courses required for medical school preparation, no matter what your major. Most PPHS students are biology majors, but you could decide to major in chemistry, biochemistry, Medical Lab Sciences or an area in the liberal arts. Because graduate schools value a broad education, we recommend a minor in a non-science area that interests you. 

Why EMU?

  • Cadaver dissection is a highlight of our curriculum, according to many alumni now in medical school. The small class sizes create unusual opportunities for intensive, collaborative learning experiences, which will help you prepare you for further anatomy study (and even become a leader in postgrad classes).
  • EMU's emphasis on faith, values and service means that you'll be prepared for the ethics of medical practice, as well as the science. This interdisciplinary focus helps prep you for med/grad school interviews and then, to be a more informed provider later when you practice.
  • PhD-level faculty offer opportunities to  join their research or conduct your own.
  • Explore all your passions. Participate in athletics music, theater and any number of other extra-curricular activities while studying pre-med. You can even double-major.
  • Faculty will help you set up clinical and job-shadowing experiences that fit your interests.
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