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Alumni say dissecting cadavers in undergraduate gave them a head's start
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Alumni say dissecting cadavers in undergraduate gave them a head's start

Dissecting cadavers at EMU, as the professor and alumni attest, is a unique and powerfully formative opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Train for one of the top-rated careers in healthcare with our pre-physician assistant program. You will be prepared to continue your training as a physician assistant through high-quality lab science courses, practical clinical experiences and mentoring from our PhD-level faculty. If you want to serve others by providing high-quality healthcare in clinics, hospitals and physician’s offices, join our pre-professional health sciences program and prepare for rigorous physician assistant programs.  

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Pre-physician assistant  is not a major, but a set of courses intended to prepare you for further study in your desired area of medical practice. Our faculty will carefully advise you on courses required for physician assisant program preparation, no matter what your major. Most PPHS students are biology majors, but you could decide to major in chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics or an area in the liberal arts. Because graduate schools value a broad education, we recommend a minor in a non-science area that interests you. 

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