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The pre-professional health program at EMU will give you excellent preparation for a career in the medical field. Not only will you get the academic training you need to prepare, but our small class sizes, and one-on-one mentoring from faculty will give you the edge you need to get into the program of your choice. 

Graduate School Acceptance Rates

Over the past 10 years, students who completed Pre-Professional Health Sciences studies at EMU enjoyed an 81% acceptance rate to medical schools, 82% to physical therapy schools, and 79% to physician assistant programs.

(Statistics from applications submitted in years 2013-2022.)

Articulation Agreements

EMU has articulation agreements with several schools to accelerate the application process for highly qualified students who meet the requirements of a specific program:

What will I major in?

Most PPHS students are biology majors; however it is possible to major in chemistry, biochemistry, Medical Lab Sciences, mathematics or an area in the liberal arts and still succeed in the program at EMU. Because graduate schools value a broad education, we suggest a minor in a non-science area that interests you. 

Why EMU?

students around a cadaver

Cadaver Dissection

At EMU, you will get a unique opportunity to practice cadaver dissection. Like all our labs, you will get hands-on experience while receiving personal mentoring from faculty. Many graduates say this experience puts them far ahead of their medical school classmates.

Read more about student experiences in cadaver labs

Leah Lapp with her mentor

Job Shadowing and Clinical hours

Job shadowing and clinical hours are an important part of the preparation for professional health careers. At EMU, all pre-professional health students take a semester-long practicum course. This course gives you an opportunity to experience the job first-hand and connect with professionals in the field. Our faculty have strong ties to health care professionals in the Shenandoah Valley, including many alumni. They will help you set up mentoring, clinical and job shadowing experience to fit your interest.

student dissecting a brain

Lab Experiences

Our labs are question-driven. You won’t be working on cookie-cutter worksheets. Professors used problem-based learning models. They design experiments around real-world questions. Our labs are mini-research assignments where you get to use the instruments yourself, learn to test a theory and gain independence in your research and lab abilities.

RJ Ocampo, PPHS student, having a conversation with a doctor

Medical Ethics and Treating the Whole Person

Our faith-based curriculum includes exploration of the intersection of science, faith and ethics. Learn to integrate your spirituality and understandings of faith into patient care and health care practice. Our big-picture approach encourages new ways to thinking about culturally-aware interactions and respectful relationship-building. Your experiences with crosscultural study and diverse populations will prepare you for your choice of health care field. You'll be uniquely prepared to articulate this to grad school admissions committees, employers and your future patients.

student looking into a microscope


Students have joined our faculty in the study of health care in Peru, coffee bean pests in Hawaii, and the genetics of aging. You will have opportunities to present your original research at our Academic and Creative Excellence festival each year. And enhance your application for professional health schools with original research or clinical hours. EMU offers a CT Assist grant specifically for selected PPHS students to get clinical experience necessary to apply for professional health programs that have minimum clinical hour requirements.

Professor Tara Kishbaugh talking with a student

Medical School Prep

We will prepare you for medical school with an MCAT prep course and mock interviews. You'll be able to articulate your passion, skills and interest in medicine to admissions committees. Our liberal arts approach will prepare you with a broad base of knowledge in multiple fields.

Scientist giving a lecture in front of a power point on a screen

Suter Science Seminars

Each year, EMU invites experts to campus to present research, share their personal career journeys, and connect science, faith and social issues. You’ll hear from health care practitioners, scientists and activists who are applying their knowledge to address issues in their communities.

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