Learn Together


At EMU, we learn to lead together. Our expert faculty will be your mentors as you explore your field through coursework, internships, research and intercultural study. You’ll experience teamwork, service, environmental conservation, faith-in-action, and diverse perspectives from faculty and your fellow students. EMU is a place where rigorous academics meet collaboration and community, where you'll prepare for a career in a rapidly changing and challenging world.

Succeed Together

You will be prepared for success through excellent academic work, faculty who care about you and your goals, and hands-on experiences in your field.

More than a diploma

Our world is complex, and the most successful people have a broad understanding of people, relationships, places, processes and systems. In our liberal arts core curriculum, you will learn about the world and how things connect.

Liberal arts education prepares you for more than just a job. It prepares you for life. You’ll learn art, history, science, religion, communication skills and critical thinking and apply these to the field of your choice. Unique co-curriculars like convocation and the academic and creative excellence festival will prepare you to listen and communicate complex ideas to others. 

The most successful employees and leaders can work with diverse people, understand complex ideas and communicate effectively. Our core curriculum  and intercultural requirements will help you develop these important skills. 

EMU Core Outline (General Education Requirements)

See the university catalog for full description of the EMU core and all degree programs. 

Read Together - EMU's Common Read

Each year, we choose a book to read together as a campus. EMU’s Common Read helps us to enter into discussions about issues and ideas through a grounding text and in classroom discussions, convocations, and intellectual life activities. Books and topics are chosen to help us shape the conversation around EMU's core values

Book of Hope 2023-24 Common Read - The Book of Hope

This year’s Common Read selection at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) is The Book of Hope: a survival guide for trying times by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams.   This text was chosen for its themes of environmental sustainability and hope.  Douglas Abrams will address EMU virtually on April 17, 10:10 am as the Keynote speaker for the ACE Festival.  Learn More...

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