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Explore Together: EMU Intercultural Learning

EMU's intercultural experience is unique. You will learn about yourself, another culture or country, and gain experiences you can't get anywhere else. 

Complete the intercultural requirement at EMU in one of these ways:

No matter what you do, your intercultural program is sure to be life-changing.

Get Ready to Explore

Spread your wings on intercultural travel

Intercultural study has been a part of EMU core curriculum for over 30 years. Faculty have introduced students to cultural learning through educational travel in more than 80 locations around the globe, gaining new insights about the world and their own potential. 

Imagine reading the Bible along the Sea of Galilee. Or discussing Eastern European history while honing digital photography skills in Lithuania. Or doing research at the National Institutes of Health in DC. Your seminar will be led by faculty mentors who have traveled or lived in the region previously. If your travel is overseas, your group will be linked with local partners, live with host families for at least part of the time, and absorb local culture well beyond the usual tourist sites.

Intercultural travel is more than study abroad. Cultural learning and experience expand your knowledge, while developing new skills for problem-solving, empathy, independence, and flexibility in new circumstances. Graduates call the experiences “life-changing,” giving them the foundation they need to live, lead and serve in a global context.

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