Future Intercultural Programs

Future Programs

The semester program is the recommended intercultural study option. Each semester program includes 15 semester hours of credit taken as five (3 SH) courses. The experience integrates course content through analysis and experiential learning. The semester program meets the intercultural experience requirements in the EMU Core Curriculum Fulfills intercultural immersion and other Core requirements such as Language learning or other Core themes in history, culture, or an area of faculty expertise.

Summer seminars provide exposure to another cultural context for 3-6 weeks. A three-week experience comprises the core intercultural social science course, while six-week seminars include a second 3 SH course.  The Washington Community Scholars’ Center offers fall, spring and summer terms. WCSC semester coursework meets all core intercultural requirements except foreign language.  

Summer 2024

Fall 2024

Spring 2025

Summer 2025

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Seminars for future terms will be announced in 2024

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