Careers at EMU

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Careers at EMU

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EMU employment

Check out the listing of EMU faculty and staff positions, including administrative jobs. Contact human resources ( for more info.

Student employment

Student jobs are only open to EMU students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study or EMU Work Program. Eligibility is determined by the Financial Assistance Office. Contact BJ Gerber, student employment coordinator in the financial assistance office for more info.

Career opportunities

Here you’ll find full-time permanent jobs and resources for potential career changes, all provided by EMU’s office of career services. Contact Kimberly Phillips, director of EMU career services, for more info.

Eclassifieds jobs

Eclassifieds jobs are posted by the Internet community at large and are not in any way verified or confirmed by EMU. The jobs are listed as part of the free e-classifieds service EMUprovides to the campus community.

Tenure Track Faculty Hires

In the 2021-22 academic year, EMU completed our first cohort hire.  We continue to focus on recruiting faculty members who want to work collaboratively across different disciplines with research agendas and pedagogical commitments that address social justice, sustainability, racial equity, peacebuildingrestorative justice, non-Western thought, and other areas of study advancing equity and inclusion. Learn more about the faculty hires.

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