Research, Internships and Practicums

You won't just be learning in the classroom, most programs have an element of hands-on research, practicums or internships. In addition to building your resume and making you a more desireable candidate for jobs, these opportunities let you explore different aspects of your intended career.


At EMU, you learn by doing. In-the-field learning is required in most programs of study

  • Future teachers are in local schools the first few weeks of college, observing veteran teachers and interacting with students.
  • Business students raise funds and track earnings to donate to local charities.
  • Nursing students spend much of their last two years of school in clinical settings working 1:1 with patients and learning from doctors and seasoned nurses.
  • Digital media and videography majors intern on the professional video crew for various campus conferences and presentations.
  • Science majors collaborate with professors on National Science Foundation summer research projects like water safety monitoring in Southeast Asia, invasive species research in the Pacific Rim, and nearby research on organic farming and harvesting, and watershed safety.
  • Engineering majors gain real-world experience and apply their knowledge in engineering firms in various states. 

These are just a few examples. Internships are an important part of study and learning at EMU.

Student Experiences

Live and Work in DC

Internships turn into paid employment after graduation for many students in the Washington DC program.

In addition to internship opportunities close to home, dozens of exciting internships in all subject areas are available year-round through our Washington DC Scholars’ Program. Recent placements:

  • Washington Office on Latin America (foreign policy advocation)
  • Amnesty International (human rights)
  • The US Census Bureau (statistics)
  • National Institute of Health (lab work)
  • Smithsonian Museum of American History (museum science)
  • Shakespeare Theater D.C. (theater)
  • National Public Radio and Al-Jazeera (journalism)
  • The Hill, a daily congressional newspaper, and the American Ballet Theatre (photography)
  • GreenPeace (environmental studies)
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