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Become a Teacher through EMU

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Get in the classroom your first semester! Alexa Weeks '18 got valuable student teaching experience in the Harrisonburg school system. She now teaches 3rd grade at a local elementary school.

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Change the world, become a teacher who teaches boldly in a changing world through an ethic of care and critical reflection.

At EMU you can prepare to be the very best educator. You will be in a K-12 classroom in the first five weeks of class, getting hands-on experiences and learning to teach right from the start of your program. You will learn to become a reflective educator, asking yourself "How can I engage my students more effectively? How can I make this lesson better?" At the end of your program you will be a highly sought-after educator, ready to begin your teaching career!

Our Teacher Education Licensures

All undergraduate and graduate licensure programs are VDOE approved and CAEP accredited. |
See EMU's professional licensure disclosure information.

Add-on endorsements

A teaching endorsement in Journalism may be pursued along with any of the above listed programs.

A Special Education endorsement may be pursued along with the Elementary Education programs (PreK-3 and PreK-6).

Education Faculty

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