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Secondary Education (Grades 6-12)

At EMU, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we prepare future teachers to change the world through their teaching. Our students explore the teaching field through regular practicum experiences. You will learn effective teaching methods for an evolving world and a diverse student body. 

Two key characteristics of our teacher education program are: sending future teachers into classrooms early, and reflective practice, which is woven into all education courses at EMU.

Our teacher education program has carried the highest national accreditation standards in the nation for more than 40 years. EMU is one of only five private colleges in Virginia to be NCATE-certified.

Earning your secondary education license to teach involves a double major in education and your content field: biology, chemistry, computer science, English, history and social science, or mathematics.


Content Fields for Secondary Education

Learn from the best, not only in education, but also in your content area. Students may focus secondary education in one of the following areas: 


Licensure for secondary education includes completion of EMU core requirements, academic major requirements and the professional education sequence. 

Course Credits
ED 101 Exploring Teaching 2
ED 201 Computers and Instructional Technology in Education 1
ED 251 Learning, Motivation and Assessment (6-12) 3
ED 252 Learning, Motivation and Assessment PFE 1
ED 301 Needs of Diverse Learners 3
ED 351 General Curriculum and Methods 1
ED 361 Special Methods PFE 1
ED 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, OR 376 Special Methods 2
ED 381 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (6-12) 2
ED 391 Middle School Curriculum and Organization 3
ED 401 Examining Foundations of Education 2
ED 411 Reflective Teaching Seminar and Portfolio 1
ED 451 Middle School Student Teaching 7
ED 452 High School Student Teaching

17 semester hours of the above are devoted to professional studies while 19 semester hours involve practica.

Additional licensure requirements are as follows:

PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology - 3
A United States History course - 3

You can read more about requirements in education from EMU in the education section of the EMU catalog.