Major in History and Social Science, Teaching Endorsement for Grades 6-12

To become a middle or high school history, social science, or government teacher, you will earn both an education major and a history and social science major. The history and social science major will give you a comprehensive overview of American, European, and global history. 

You will be prepared to teach history and social science by instructing students in the major themes outlined by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS):

  1. Culture and Cultural Diversity
  2. Time, Continuity, and Change
  3. People, Places, and Environment
  4. Individual Development and Identity
  5. Individuals, Groups and Institutions
  6. Power, Authority and Governance
  7. Production, Distribution, and Consumption 
  8. Science, Technology and Society 
  9. Global Connections 
  10. Civic Ideals and Practices 

In addition to broad base of knowledge in history and social studies, our education program will give you many opportunities for classroom observation and teaching, including a full semester of student teaching. Our teacher education program is nationally accredited through CAEP.

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