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Political Science Major

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Political Science

Lorraine Armstrong Hohl '17 is the new borough manager of Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
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Lorraine Armstrong Hohl '17 is the new borough manager of Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

Hohl majored in history with a political science minor, was involved in student government, and interned with the Department of Agriculture while with Washington Community Scholars' Center.

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Study and analyze current political affairs and prepare to pursue careers in fields such as law and public policy. Learn to think critically and analytically about power, authority and political events with our diverse curriculum including courses about human rights, international relations, American politics and peace and security in East Asia. You will gain practical experience in policy, advocacy and law with a term in Washington DC at our Washington Community Scholars Center.

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Curriculum for Political Science (47 SH)

Core Requirements 16 SH
POL 111 Comparative Politics 2 SH
POL 112 American Politics 2 SH
POL 113 International Relations 2 SH
STAT 120 Descriptive Statistics 2 SH
PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3 SH
SOC 336 Methods of Social Research 3 SH
Social Science Capstone 2 SH
Core Electives 10-12 SH*

Choose among the following courses to equal at least 10 SH (with a semester WCSC term) or 12 SH (with a summer WCSC term). Two courses must be 300 or 400 level:

POL 220 US Foreign Policy (3 SH)
POL 230 International Norms and Institutions (3 SH)
POL 250 Law, Justice and the Local Context (3 SH)
PXD 365 Social and Political Economy (3 SH)
PPX 371 Peace and Security in East Asia (3 SH)
PPX 400 Topics in Politics & Peace Studies (3-4 SH)
PPX 401 Human Rights & Dignity (3 SH)
PPX 421 Genocide of the 20th Century (4 SH)
PPX 431 Political Reconciliation (4 SH)

Specialization Courses  6-9 SH

*Choose two of the following courses (in conjunction with a semester WCSC term) or three (in conjunction with a summer WCSC term) One course must be 300 or 400 level:

ECON 201 Survey of Economics (3 SH)
HIST 251 History of Africa (3 SH)
REL 201 Introduction to Religious Studies (3 SH) or REL 223 World Religions (3 SH)
SOC 255 Social Movements (3 SH)
ECON 311 Contemporary Economic Issues (3 SH)
HIST 391 The Birth of Modernity in Europe: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (3 SH)
LEAD 300 Leadership Theory and Practice (3 SH)
SOWK 330 Social Policy Analysis (3 SH)
SOWK 360 Race and Gender (3 SH)
PXD 335 Understanding Violent Conflict (3 SH)
HIST 411 The History of Recent America, 1941-Present (4 SH)
HIST 432 History of the Middle East (3 SH)
PHIL 412 Philosophy of Religion (3 SH)
PXD 485 Global Development (3 SH)
THEO 412 Liberation Theologies (3 SH) or THEO 323 Biblical Theology of Peace & Justice (3 SH)


Washington Community Scholar’s Center 10-15 SH
Students of Political Studies major must complete a semester (15SH) or summer (10SH) in the WCSC program.

Students choosing a summer WCSC term will take two additional courses from the above lists to fulfill the 47 SH requirement.
Students are also highly encouraged to do an international Intercultural as well, especially if they are interested in transnational or international political issues.

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