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Global Studies Major

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Global Studies Major

Understand the world to change the world. Explore the important social, political, economic and ecological challenges of globalization. Discover how your passions, faith and service can make a difference in global justice and peace. With this interdisciplinary degree, explore the intersections of important topics such as development and poverty, violence, human rights, global health issues, environmental degradation and injustice. Learn practical skills in intercultural communication and peacebuilding. 

By focusing your study on a theme like sustainability, justice or cultural studies, and also choosing a region of the world and language study, you will be uniquely prepared to make a difference in your area of interest with a specific group of people or in a specific region of the world. Our intercultural program and language study, as well as your practicum experiences will give you experiences working in and with populations that interest you. A minor in global studies is also available. 

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Core Curriculum 20-21 SH
Introduction to Global Studies 2 SH
Cultural Anthropology (3 SH) 3 3 SH
ECON 201 Survey of Economics 
HIST 122 Global Past II
HIST 123 Global Past III
2-3 SH
PXD 375 Globalization and Justice 3 SH
REL 223 World Religions 3 SH
SOC 336 Methods of Social Research 3 SH
STAT 120 Descriptive Statistics 2 SH
Social Sciences Capstone 2 SH
Thematic Electives 

18 SH

Choose electives in one of these three main topic areas: (academic advisors will help you choose courses appropriate to your goals)

  • Global Sustainability -courses in Environmental Sustainability, Engineering, Economics, Peacebuilding & Development, Sociology 
  • Global Justice and Peacebuilding- courses in Peacebuilding & Development, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Theology, Ethics 
  • Global Societies and Cultures-  courses in Arts, History, Literature, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Philosophy, Theology, Ethics
Regional Focus Electives (and cross-cultural experience) 12 SH
Students will be required to take one regional studies course (3 SH) on campus before their international intercultural program (9 SH).  
Foreign Language  6 SH
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