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Supporting Student, Faculty, Alumni and Community Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Nonprofits 

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Webinar: 3 Steps to Move Any Idea Forward

Watch the recording of March's webinar now! Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, business owner, leader or employee it is often hard to know what to do next when you have an idea.  This webinar will provide a simple 3 step framework to move any idea forward. You will hear first hand from entrepreneurs and creatives about how they used this framework.

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Are you a designer or a creator with aspirations of changing the world around you?
Do you have an idea for a business or plan to make your community stronger?
Have you ever thought about crowdfunding one of your ideas or starting a nonprofit? 


Do you own a business or guide a social enterprise?
Are you a CEO, President or Executive Director of an organization?
Are you an entrepreneur or a leader? 


Would you like to have a platform to discuss your ideas, challenges and opportunities with peers?
Are you interested in learning from experienced entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders of social enterprises?
Are you seeking coaching or mentoring as you develop as a leader, innovator and entrepreneur?

If any of these describe you then the EMU Center for Innovation and Leadership has opportunities for you. The EMU Center for Innovation and Leadership empowers individuals and organizations to make a difference in their world through entrepreneurial learning, leadership, and collaboration. The EMU CIL works in conjunction with community partners to support founders and leaders of businesses and organizations navigating the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.    

Current Services

The EMU Center for Innovation and Leadership endeavors to creatively and effectively address and bridge identified gaps within the current entrepreneurial ecosystem through the following service offerings. 

Cohorts- Cohorts are peer groups designed to share ideas and struggles, creating accountability and an opportunity for learning. Cohorts meet frequently and are facilitated by the EMU CIL staff.  Cohort-specific leadership and entrepreneurial curriculum can be developed to meet learning objectives.    

Coaching- Seeking counsel is critical to an effective leadership journey.  The EMU CIL provides opportunity for consultation with experienced entrepreneurs interested in supporting the next generation of leaders through coaching and mentoring relationships.

Ideation- Investigating a new business idea, opportunity, or social venture?  The EMU CIL will walk participants through the ideation process including aspects such as customer discovery and business model vetting. 

Startup Grants- Grants up to $2,500 are available for EMU students, faculty, and alumni to assist with launching business and social ventures.

Strategic Planning- Frequent strategic planning is an often overlooked component of a successful organization.  The EMU CIL provides strategic planning support and facilitation for businesses and social ventures. 

Consulting - Is your organization in need of external perspective or advice?  The EMU CIL maintains connection to a network of seasoned organizational leaders for consultation.

Roundtables- Gather with other leaders and social entrepreneurs, either in person or online, to discuss and learn about topics that are relevant to organizations and businesses.

Speakers- Hear first-hand from organizational founders and leaders about lessons learned along their entrepreneurial journey. 

Facilitation- The EMU CIL provides facilitation, team building, and leadership training for organizational meetings, gatherings, and retreats. 


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