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Pre-Law and Other History Minors

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Ral Obioha '08, a private immigration lawyer and advocate for human rights and gender equality, is the recipient of EMU's 2021 Outstanding Young Alum Award.

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EMU pre-law students learn to understand and articulate contending positions – a skill necessary for working with legal systems in our diverse world – here on campus or in another culture. Professors and students approach law through interdisciplinary, multi-cultural and cross-border knowledge and experiences.

Through an internship and courses in logic, ethics, human rights, political studies, theology, business, restorative justice, peacebuilding and development, and applied sociology, you will examine the impact of socio-legal systems on life in this country and around the globe.

Get the details of our pre-law curriculum in the course catalog.

Other Minors

Minor in gender studies

The gender studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor requiring 18 SH that students can tailor to complement their major(s) and interests.

Minor in history

A history minor requires 18 SH of history which should include courses in U.S., European and Area Studies.

Minor in history and social science

A minor in history and social science requires 18 SH, including 6 SH in history, 6 SH in political studies, and 3 SH each in economics and geography.

Minor in political studies

A political studies minor requires 18 SH:

  • 12 SH in political studies (including POL 101 Introduction to Politics)
  • 6 SH chosen from geography, history, economics, or peacebuilding and development
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Career Options

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