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Practical Advocacy


EMU graduates have law degrees from many schools, including George Washington University, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Wake Forest University and West Virginia University.

Countless numbers of graduates do law-related work, such as advocating for changes in laws that impact the environment, the democratic process, or the world’s refugees. About 90% of the 2012 graduates who responded to our survey were employed full-time, in grad school, or serving in a volunteer/mission position within one year of graduation.


Pre-Law Minor

EMU pre-law students learn to understand and articulate contending positions – a skill necessary for working with legal systems in our diverse world – here on campus or in another culture. Professors and students approach law through interdisciplinary, multi-cultural and cross-border knowledge and experiences.

Through an internship and courses in logic, ethics, human rights, political studies, theology, business, restorative justice, peacebuilding and development, and applied sociology, you will examine the impact of socio-legal systems on life in this country and around the globe.

Many students participate in EMU’s Washington D.C. internship program and intern on Capitol Hill, at social justice advocacy firms, etc.

EMU was the first North American Mennonite institution to offer a pre-law minor and a student law society, Res Judicata.

The pre-law minor is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental minor, designed to complement a variety of majors to prepare students for a range of careers. For example, you could practice as an attorney, be a mediator, work in international development or politics, or promote restorative justice practices in the court system and other venues, such as educational institutions. Here are some other ideas:

  • traditional practices of law
  • mediation
  • environmental law
  • international development
  • politics
  • human rights work
  • victim offender reconciliation
  • juvenile justice

The minor requires 18 SH (which includes an internship). Download the history course catalog for course and curriculum details.

Available to Students in Any Program

What Alumni Say

“‘Winning’ is not an overriding goal, but rather moving closer to restoring harmony and balance among the parties as much as possible.”

– Dennis Glanzer ’73, an Arizona attorney who specializes in law for Native Americans

The pre-law minor is housed in the history department, but it is available to students in any major. Students can pair their pre-law minor with certain majors to lay the groundwork for a particular vocation.

  • Biology + pre-law = environmental protection
  • Sociology + pre-law = juvenile justice
  • History or English + pre-law = legal practice
  • Political studies + pre-law = Capitol Hill
  • Peacebuilding and development + pre-law = human rights advocacy
  • Spanish + pre-law = immigration law
  • Business + pre-law = just and fair trade

Get the details of our pre-law curriculum and download the history course catalog.