Major in History or History/Social Science

Knowing  history can help you change the future. A history or history/social science major at EMU will help you understand where we have been as a culture and a country so that you can advocate for change to create a better world. 

At EMU history is more than dates and events; it is about how people lived in a particular time and place. You will explore not only U.S. history but also global history. Proficency in a foreign language will help you understand the context of other cultures. Cross-cultural experiences and internships at the Washington Community Scholars Center will give you first-hand knowledge about how politics, culture and language shape history.  

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Degree Requirements

History Major

A major in history consists of 33 SH. 

Ideally, majors should:

  • take a wide range of history courses (United States, European and global) 
  • acquire a high level of proficiency in at least one foreign language

Details on courses offered and the major’s curriculum are available in the history program course catalog.

History and Social Science

A major in history and social science is an interdepartmental major of 42-43 SH consists of studies in United States history (6 SH) and required focused study in the following areas:

  • early or modern American history or African-American history
  • European and world history
  • area studies of Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East
  • historiography and history research methods
  • political studies
  • economics
  • geography
  • social science

Courses and curricula are detailed in the catalog.

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