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Noyce STEM Education Scholarship

Students pursuing a degree in biology, chemistry, computer science, or math with Teacher Education licensure are encouraged to apply for selection as a Noyce Scholar.  STEM education students heading into their junior year at EMU are eligible. 

STEM teachers play an important role in empowering students through exploring the world around them and preparing for a variety of promising careers.  Noyce Scholars receive an annual scholarship of $10,000 or more during their junior and senior years.  The scholarship is offered on top of other financial aid from EMU. Five or more Noyce Scholars will be selected for each cohort.

What do Noyce Scholars do?

In addition to scholarships, Noyce Scholars receive support:

Paid Internships

  • Shenandoah Valley Biotechnology Symposium during EMU’s spring break 
  • Harrisonburg High School Governor’s STEM Academy week-long summer programs (e.g., lab science, field research, balloon launch) 
  • Tutors for HCPS middle school students during their college-readiness Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) classes
  • Tutors during weekly lab time at HHS for computer science students, leading discussions, and assisting on projects
  • Consultation with HCPS math teachers on problem-based learning
  • HHS Governor’s STEM Academy assistants during May of junior year with opportunities to observe and receive mentoring in interdisciplinary instruction across STEM fields.

Noyce Scholar Application Process Details

  • Complete the application by the May 1 deadline
  • Participate in an interview that will be scheduled upon completion of the application
  • Please email with any questions.  We would love to chat with you!

Apply for the Noyce Scholarship today!

First-year and Sophomore Opportunities

  • Participate in Monthly STEM Teaching Gatherings (help one Monday each month)
  • Enroll in ED 101 Exploring Teaching 
  • Be paid as an Exploring Intern (see internship section above)
  • Prepare to apply in spring of your sophomore year (deadline is May 1) to become a Noyce Scholar
  • Talk to your academic advisor or Laurie, Kris, Daniel or Paul
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Noyce Scholars

Faculty Involvement

Paul Yoder

Paul Yoder

Principal Investigator (PI) Paul Yoder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Program Coordinator of Secondary Education. Dr. Yoder holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Virginia. Having previously taught in the Harrisonburg City Public School (HCPS) district, Dr. Yoder is intimately familiar with the requisites of teaching in a high-need LEA and has long-established relationships with HCPS personnel. As PI, Dr. Yoder has overall project management responsibility; coordinates recruitment, selection, and monitoring of scholars; and liaises with NSF, the project evaluator, and the project team. Paul serves as an education faculty mentor and organizes meetings and dissemination efforts. He also maintains and distributes a list of the high-need districts where scholars’ teaching commitment can be filled. 

Kristopher Schmidt

Kristopher Schmidt

Co-PI Kristopher Schmidt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology: Dr. Schmidt holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC, Canada). Dr. Schmidt assists Noyce scholars in designing and leading lab experiences for local high school students during the annual Shenandoah Valley Biotechnology Symposium during spring break. Dr. Schmidt serves on the scholar selection team, mentors and advises biology education Noyce scholars, and coordinates with STEM teachers and leaders on the Biotechnology Symposium internships, STEM Academy Summer Camp internships, and May teaching internships. Kris also participates in recruitment and dissemination efforts. 

Daniel Showalter

Daniel Showalter

Co-PI Daniel Showalter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics: Dr. Showalter holds a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Ohio University. Dr. Showalter serves on the scholar selection team, mentors mathematics education and computer science education scholars, and coordinates with the lead math and computer science teachers in HCPS. Daniel also participates in recruitment and dissemination efforts. 

Laurie Yoder

Laurie Yoder

Co-PI Laurie Yoder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry:Dr. Yoder holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Michigan, and completed post-doctoral work in ultrafast laser spectroscopy at UM. Dr. Yoder serves on the scholar selection team and as faculty mentor to chemistry education scholars. Laurie participates in recruitment efforts and creation of recruitment materials, assists with organizing monthly PLC meetings for scholars, and participates in dissemination.


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