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The heart of a semester with WCSC, formerly known as the Washington Study-Service Year, is on-the-job experience at a “professional internship.” WCSC faculty and staff consistently find internships that positively influence students’ vocational direction and often end in offers of full-time employment.

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How do I apply for an internship?

  • WCSC faculty and staff will help you to find an internship in your major or an area of interest. We especially look for internships in culturally diverse settings, with organizations who are making a positive contribution to the community. The placement process usually begins 3-4 months before the start of the term.
  • We generally make the initial contact at an organization and set up an interview for you at 1-3 possible placements. You should plan to come to DC for a day of interviews a few months before your term begins, and we generally accompany students on these meetings.
  • Some internships have their own application process, which may require a phone interview, an application, or a cover letter. Others do not have formal internship program and will not require anything beyond meeting you. In either case, we ask you to prepare a resume tailored for the internships you are pursuing.
  • Remember that we are not limited to the internships listed in our directory. Approximately 25% of internship placements each semester are brand new sites, as students often have specific interests that we are able to help them pursue.