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Application Materials
WCSC Apply

We are currently accepting applications for fall, 2018 and spring, summer and fall, 2019.

  • Summer, 2018: WCSC is still accepting applications on a rolling basis.
  • Fall, 2018 application review is currently in progress. WCSC is still accepting applications on a rolling basis.
  • Spring 2019 application review will begin in April, 2018. Deadline for priority consideration is April 3.
  • Summer and Fall, 2019 applications are now open. 
  • Applications for further terms will become available in October, 2018.

A complete application includes:

1. Application

2. Three references:

  • an academic advisor
  • a faculty, staff or non-family member (pastor, work supervisor, etc.)
  • a friend or other non-family member (Residence Advisor, Community Advisor, friend, etc.)op

3. Interview (WCSC staff will schedule with you)