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We are currently placing interns for our Fall 2020 semester, which takes place from September through December. We would love to talk with you about placing an intern at your organization this fall. We're also always adding new organizations for future semesters.

Contact Co-director Kimberly Schmidt at or call 202-529-5378

An individualized placement with the organization and the student in mind:

 Our goal is to provide your organization with an opportunity to mentor the next generation. Organizations that work with the WCSC give students' support, insight, and direction in their studies and their job search. 

Our directors thoughtfully work with each student to understand their academic and work experiences, the kind of work environment they are seeking, and what support they will need to succeed. By the time we are contacting you, we have a strong idea of what the student has to offer. We will share their resume and points of interest from our application review. Our application process includes a digital application, 3 references, and an interview. After you've determined that the student has the potential to be an intern at your organization, you'll interview the student as well and decide whether to offer them an opportunity to intern.

A foundation of support:

WCSC faculty teach a course throughout the semester which focuses on career discernment and navigating the workplace. We see this as an essential complement to an internship experience, providing support and space to grow from what they are learning at your organization.

A community of connections:

For over forty years, the WCSC has built strong relationships with community-oriented organizations in the District of Columbia. Each student at the WCSC not only learns from their internship, but their peers' experiences as well. They build a deep understanding of the forces that shape our city through guest speakers and visits to local organizations. We have a local network of alumni spanning recent graduates getting their footing in the DMV to now long-time DC residents and community leaders who hire our interns. When you take an intern from the WCSC, you become a part of that community of mentors.

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