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Life at WCSC is a community-building endeavor. The Nelson Good House was designed to foster group life and is "highly hang-outable," to quote a program alumnus. Students live in this space with up to 14 others. Through sharing meals and household responsibilities as well as exploring the city and engaging in classes together, students come to know one another and themselves in surprising ways. They also learn how to negotiate group conflicts and gain skills in social leadership, equipping them with tools to navigate diverse social settings that go well beyond the program. This often results in friendships that last a lifetime. 

Engage in Group Trainings
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Engage in Group Trainings

Gain skills in community building, safety, and social leadership through group trainings and reflections during class.


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Student Voices

"WCSC helped me to understand what it meant to be a part of a team and to work towards a common goal with my coworkers. I was also able to be driven by the mission of helping others and advocating for social justice"

~Anna Cammarn, Fall 2017, Bluffton '19, Music and Psychology

"Seminar was a wonderful opportunity to engage with prevalent issues in DC's urban environment, specifically issues of race and class. The neighborhood case study provided us with an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a particular community and apply the issues we learned about in class to a physical, social, and economic setting."

~Evan Davis, Spring 2019, EMU 19', History and Social Science

"I had a blast! Unlike most people, I would rather keep living with fifteen other people, than going back to living on my own or with only a couple others"

~Jen Andres, Summer 2019, Bethel College, Elementary Education


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