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Francis Johnson, a 2007 alumnus of Eastern Mennonite University and the Washington Community Scholars’ Center program, has been named a Nonprofit Technology Fellow for the Okta for Good Nonprofit Technology Initiative.

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Creative problem solving. Logical thinking. Real-world application. Whether you want to study the hardware and engineering side of computer science, or the software and user-interface side of technology, at EMU you will gain marketable skills and background in both.

Develop working relationships with faculty who will provide personal advising, invest time in you, and challenge you to think for yourself.

 Explore your gifts and accomplish your unique goals by doubling up your computer science major or minor with another degree. 

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Career Options

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the professional organization for computer science, provides valuable information about career opportunities at

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Recognizing the wide range of topics covered by computing, EMU offers a program that allows students, together with the faculty advisor, to create a custom plan of study. The computer science major consists of 14 SH of foundational computer science courses covering programming, networking, computer architecture and system software, and database technologies; 9-10 SH of mathematics courses covering calculus through integration, topics in discrete mathematics, and basic statistical methods; a 2 SH capstone project; 16 SH of upper-level computer science courses; and an additional 6 SH from computer science or related fields for a total of 49-50 SH. The specific 16 SH of upper-level computer science courses and the additional 6 SH of electives will be determined by the student and advisor working together to tailor the program to the educational goals and career objectives of the student.

Computer science students typically earn a bachelor of arts degree. Students with a plan of study including CS 345, CS 355, CS 445, CS 455, MATH 170, MATH 185, and STAT 220 can opt for a bachelor of science degree instead. Students planning to seek a graduate degree in computer science should consider a double major in computer science and mathematics.

Foundational Courses (14 SH)

  • CS 145 Introduction to Programming   OR CS 155 Programming in Python   OR CS 245 Programming in Java - 2
  • CS 255 Intermediate Programming - 2 
  • CE 165 Networking and Data Communication - 2 
  • CE 175 Architecture and Operating Systems - 4 
  • CS 265 Databases and Information Management - 2 
  • CS 275 Web Applications - 2  

Upper-Level Courses (16 SH)

Choose 16 SH from the following courses:

  • 300-level or 400-level CS courses
  • *ENGR 325 Engineering Ethics - 2 
  • *CE 365 Digital Circuits - 3  

Mathematics Courses (9-10 SH)

  • MATH 134 Finite Math: Logic and Problem Solving - 2    AND MATH 136 Finite Math: Number Theory and Probability - 2    OR MATH 170 Discrete Mathematics - 4 
  • Any STAT course offered by a mathematics faculty member - 2
  • *MATH 150 Elements of Calculus - 3    OR MATH 185 Calculus I - 4  

Computer Science or Related Field Electives (6 SH with advisor approval)

Each student will choose additional courses based on a theme of study. The courses are selected with consultation and approval of a faculty advisor.

Senior Capstone

  • CS 475 Capstone Project - 2  
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