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Shravan Akula

Instructor of Engineering

Phone: (540) 432-4407

Email: shravan.akula@emu.edu

Steve Baker

Adjunct Faculty

Email: steve.baker@emu.edu

Jesse Blosser

Adjunct Faculty

Email: jesse.blosser@emu.edu

Owen Byer

Professor of Mathematics

Phone: (540) 432-4642

Email: byer@emu.edu

Stefano Colafranceschi

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Phone: (540) 432-4413

Email: stefano.colafranceschi@emu.edu

Charles Cooley

Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Associate Director of Institutional Research - Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Phone: (540) 432-4411

Email: cooleycd@emu.edu

Geoffray Estes Jr

Adjunct Faculty

Email: geoffray.estes@emu.edu

Chuck Heckman

Adjunct Faculty

Email: chuck.heckman@emu.edu

Lacey Johnson

Instructor of Mathematics

Phone: (540) 432-4386

Email: lacey.johnson@emu.edu

Greg Keim

Adjunct Faculty

Kathryn Kennel

Adj Faculty Dual Enrollment

Email: kathryn.kennel@emu.edu

Daniel King

Associate Professor of Engineering; Program Director - Engineering

Phone: (540) 432-4467

Email: daniel.king@emu.edu

Marcelo Mast

Affiliate Dual Enrl Teacher PA

Email: marcelo.mast@emu.edu

Bob May

Adjunct Faculty

Brian Nussbaum

Adjunct Faculty

Dave Pruett

Adjunct Faculty

Email: dave.pruett@emu.edu

Dave Rush

Adjunct Faculty

Email: dave.rush@emu.edu

Daniel Showalter

Associate Professor of Mathematics; Program Director - Mathematics and Computer Science

Phone: (540) 432-4430

Email: daniel.showalter@emu.edu

James Sochacki

Adjunct Faculty

Email: james.sochacki@emu.edu

Laurie Yoder

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: (540) 432-4420

Email: laurie.yoder@emu.edu

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