Marketing Major

Combine creativity and communication skills with business savvy in EMU’s marketing major. As the only small, liberal arts college in the Shenandoah Valley with a marketing major, you will get one-on-one attention from faculty mentors and learn skills in marketing design, business management, and organizational leadership.

EMU marketing majors will gain technical and theoretical skills in marketing, making them highly sought employees after graduation.

This new major explores both the business and marketing side of all entrepreneurial endeavors -  start your own business, come up with a tech solution or provide freelance marketing to a variety of businesses. As a student you will gain real world skills and experience.

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Core Courses Credits
BUAD 221 Principles of Management 3
CIS 211 Spreadsheets and Data Mgmt  1
MATH 141 Descriptive Statistics 2
KTG 301 Principles of Marketing  3
MKTG 311 Marketing Research  3
MKTG 321 Consumer Behavior  3
MKTG 330 Sales/E-Commerce  3
MKTG 410 Strategic Marketing Management  3
VACA 141 Foundations of Design  4
 VACA 151 Photo 1  2
 VACA 241 Graphic Design 1  2
VACA 242 Design 2  2
 VACA 344 Web Design and Social Media 4
VACA 381 Visual Communication 2
WRIT News and Feature Writing 3
Management Track  
 ACTG 221 Financial Accounting  3
 BUAD 101 Business at EMU 3
BUAD 461 Strategic Leadership in Organizations 3
Media & Design  
VACA 252 Photo 2 4
VACA 345 Advanced Photoshop  4
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