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Visual and Communication Arts

Facilities and Equipment

Photography Equipment

  • over twenty Canon digital SLRs and lenses 
  • high end Canon SLRs for HD video production
  • an infrared camera for alternative processes.
  • thirty additional lenses including: macro, telephoto, fisheye and high end prime lenses.
  • conservation photography students have access to underwater cameras and auto-triggered field cameras.

See a list of all cameras, lenses and equipment.

Media Editing Equipment

The Advanced Media Lab, home to our advanced Photoshop, video editing and 2-D animation classes, features:

  • fifteen 27 inch (Intel based) iMacs
  • a large HD display
  • Apple TV
  • Blu-ray projector and a surround sound system

Software includes

  • Adobe Creative Studio apps 
  • Final Cut Pro

Our intro digital media lab features fifteen iMacs and Adobe software for digital photo editing and web design.