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On the eastern coast of the island of Hawai’i sits the Daniel K. Inouye U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, where two students from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) spent part of their summer tracking insects that prey on papaya fields.

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Advances in science can be dramatic, and in recent years understanding of the biochemistry of living organisms has exploded. For instance, the phenomenal advances in molecular genetics have opened doors to a wide range of biomedical and agricultural applications that were not imagined just a few decades ago.

At EMU, biochemistry majors get hands-on experience with biology and chemistry professors, researching and authoring and presenting papers in a rigorous program geared towards giving students a fundamental knowledge in the molecular basis of biological processes.

Students take coursework involving a combination of chemistry and biology courses, culminating in a three-semester advanced biochemistry series, and including extensive research laboratory experience.accredited by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Career Options

Medical and professional health careers are also an option with this degree. Our pre-professional health program is designed to help prepare you for a professional health degree.

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The major in biochemistry prepares students for graduate work in biochemistry or positions in the biotechnology industry.

Chemistry courses (28 SH)

  • BIOCH 376 Foundational Biochemistry - 3 
  • *BIOCH 398 Advanced Cell Biology - 3 
  • *BIOCH 438 Molecular Genetics - 3 
  • CHEM 223 General Chemistry I - 4 
  • CHEM 224 General Chemistry II - 4 
  • CHEM 315 Organic Chemistry I - 4 
  • CHEM 316 Organic Chemistry II - 4 
  • *CHEM 405 Thermodynamics   OR *CHEM 406 Quantum Mechanics - 3  

Choose two of the following (5-6 SH)

  • *CHEM 320 Analytical Chemistry I - 3
  • *CHEM 340 Analytical Chemistry II - 3
  • *BIOCH 318 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lab - 2

Research course (2 SH)

Choose from this list:

  • BIOCH/CHEM 479 Biochemistry/Chemistry Research - 1-2  
  • BIOL 255 Biology Research Seminar - 1 
  • BIOL 479 Independent Biology Research - 1-2 
  • completing an NSF REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) program (no credit hours received)
  • internship or practicum style experience

Biology, Mathematics and Physics courses (24-26 SH)

  • BIOL 173 Concepts in Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life - 4   
  • BIOL 240 Molecular and Cellular Biology - 4 
  • BIOL 485 Science and Ethics - 2 
  • MATH 185 Calculus I - 4 
  • MATH 195 Calculus II - 4   OR STAT 220 Inferential Statistics - 2 
  • (PHYS 151 College Physics I OR PHYS 252 University Physics I) and PHYS 253 University Physics I laboratory - 4
  •  (PHYS 162 College Physics II OR PHYS 262 University Physics II) and PHYS 263 University Physics II laboratory - 4

*Indicates course offered in alternate years.

Enrollment in upper-level biology, biochemistry, chemistry and environmental science courses (BIOL, BIOCH, CHEM, ENVS 300s and 400s) requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all science and math courses (BIOL, BIOCH, CHEM, ENVS, MATH, PHYS). Students who fail to earn a C- in any coursework required for their major should promptly schedule a meeting with their advisor.

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