Academic Success Center

Academic Success CenterAt the academic success center, you’ll get free help (schedule through ASC Tutoring) with all of the following: tutoring for a specific class, study skills, time management, test-taking skills, reading and comprehension skills, writing skills, and basic math. 

You can make an appointment by logging onto SSC Campus .  Links to SSC can be found on the left navigation of this page and under General Info on the page. 
Tutors and staff work with everyone from honors students to conditionally admitted students—we are here for everyone. Be one of the growing number of students who is studying collaboratively and improving their grades!

On-campus students: visit us on the 3rd floor of the Hartzler Library.
Off-campus and online students: Please contact us by email or phone at (540)432-4254 and we will work with you to connect you to the support services you need.

Special services and programs

Writing Program

Writing is central to EMU’s core curriculum, and tutors in the Writing Program can help guide you in the writing process, tutor you in the best ways to recognize your own errors, and help you become your own best editor!

Academic Advocacy Program

The Academic Advocacy Program provides additional support for students who are conditionally admitted to EMU. “Premajor” advisors help student choose courses to develop study skills and reading and writing proficiency. Academic Success Center staff create a support team to keep students on track with academic goals and expectations.

Office of Academic Access

Our office seeks to serve all students, specifically serving as an advocate for those with documented disabilities. Learn more
Professors: please submit test(s) for proctoring to

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