CT Assist Health Experiential Learning Program

Summer 2024

Information and Application Guidelines

General information

We are pleased to announce the Summer 2024 EMU CT Assist Health Experiential-Learning Program, sponsored by two generous EMU alums. We will offer one grant this year, with a cap of not more than $2500. Students are encouraged to prepare applications even if the total amount requested is less than $2500. This award is intended to support clinical experiences or internships that prepare students for professional health programs.

Application and Selection Process

Application materials must include:

  1. A 200 word description of how you intend to use the funds.
  2. A 100 word personal statement indicating how the award will benefit you.

Completed electronic application materials are due to the Suter Science Center Office Coordinator (diane.farrar@emu.edu) by the end of the day March 22, 2024.

During the following week, completed applications will be considered by a group of three EMU Biology and Chemistry faculty members. The most compelling application wins. The announcement will be made to all applicants by the end of the day March 29th.

Once the experience is completed, you will arrange a formal report (oral with powerpoint) to the PPHS student club and program.


From the Biology and Chemistry faculty –

Any questions should be referred to Jim Yoder, Program Director, Professor of Biology.

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