Chemistry Program at EMU

 How will you make a difference through chemistry? Ensuring safe drinking water, or designing life-saving drugs? Discovering sustainable agricultural products, or educating the next generation? The challenges of today’s problems in chemistry and biochemistry require both a solid understanding of science and a global perspective that connects with your values.

Your chemistry or biochemistry experience at EMU will be guided by faculty who are passionate about their work and ready to come along side you and other like-minded students as you prepare to launch your scientific career. You will develop your expertise with our quality instrumentation in safety-conscious laboratories. You will be able to participate in faculty-led research projects or off-campus internships. You will have opportunities to share your work with the broader community, building skills and relationships that are necessary to make a difference in today’s world.

EMU's chemistry and biochemistry programs provide a rigorous foundation in four major areas of chemistry: organic, analytical, physical and biological chemistry. Our graduates go on to graduate research, the pharmaceutical industry, medical care, public or community health, and education—everywhere from right here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to locations worldwide.

Environmental Sustainability Faculty

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