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Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Pre-Medicine Mission and Goals

Program purpose:

  • Provide quality basic science and liberal arts courses that strengthen students in their preparation for a professional career in an area of the health sciences
  • Educate students regarding different health science careers
  • Provide opportunity for students to gain clinical and practicum experiences within the context of their chosen health science field
  • Advise and assist students in the application process to medical schools
  • Enhance the development of faith, ethics, and compassionate virtue in the character of students who are preparing for a career in medicine.

Intended educational goals:

  • Will complete EMU’s required science and prerequisite courses with an average GPA of 3.50 or greater.
  • Will have chose to “do science” via an independent biology research or practicum program rather than simply learning about science.
  • Will participate in two or more clinical experiences related to medicine logging a total of 100 contact hours (minimum).
  • Will participate in two or more volunteer experience(s) that involve people but may not be clinical in its orientation, logging a total of 100 contact hours (minimum).
  • Will understand the prerequisites and entrance requirements for the medical schools of choice; students will consider allopathic and/or osteopathic medicine as their intended goal(s) and will apply to a minimum of five medical schools selected to match their credentials.
  • Will successfully take the MCAT by scoring in the upper 80 th percentile and complete the AMCAS application process
  • EMU’s three year average applicant success rate for medical school admittance will be 80% greater than the corresponding national average of medical school applicants.