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Pre-Professional Health Sciences

What Medical Alumni Say 

“I had the opportunity of moving from one of the smallest universities in the country to the largest when I graduated from EMU and moved on to the Ohio State University for medical school. The quality of the teaching at EMU was fantastic for many reasons — I believe that the most important one was that the professors were primarily there to provide an education, rather than to conduct research or write grants and papers.”


- Dr. Chad Denlinger ’96, is assistant professor of surgery and surgical director of lung transplant program for the Medical University of South Carolina. (Photo courtesy of the Medical University of South Carolina)

The Details About EMU’s Pre-med Program

Any undergraduate major is acceptable for medical school, but the required science courses must be completed no matter a student’s major. (See list of medical schools EMU students are now attending.) It is, of course, easier to complete these requirements if one is a biology or biochemistry major.

Review the pre-med program mission and goals

Extracurricular activities during the undergraduate years are important and are noticed when seeking placement in medical school or other settings. Your activities during college indicate your broader interests and experiences. Active participation in the Pre-Professional Health Society at EMU is a minimal expectation.

Tools for designing your pre-medical course schedule: