At EMU we had as good, if not better, hands-on experience than in grad school. Compared to the rest of my classmates in PT school, I was really, really comfortable just stepping in.”

Jackson Maust ’09 completed physical therapy school at Ohio State University in 2013.

Pre-Med Studies at EMU

Time and again, EMU pre-med graduates report discovering they are better prepared than their counterparts in graduate school.In fact, over the past decade, over 80% of students who completed EMU’s pre-medical program were accepted into med school.

EMU graduates credit our small class sizes, professors who nurtured them as individuals, and an environment that fostered personal growth and reflection about values, in addition to academic rigor.

Hands-on learning and research collaboration

EMU’s cadaver dissection program is one example of ‘academic rigor’ that accounts for exceptional preparation for graduate school. EMU is one of the few colleges in the state that offers a cadaver lab for undergraduate study and research.

Hands-on original research along-side faculty members provides further preparation that puts EMU graduates ahead of many peers in graduate school. Some students publish their findings or present to professional societies. Research collaboration helps students identify interests and enhance critical and creative thinking skills.

The quality of the teaching at EMU was fantastic for many reasons.

-Dr. Chad Denlinger ’96

A state-of-the-art cadaver lab in Suter Science Center provides students with the right tools to get the hands-on experience needed to learn about the human body.

-Wally Al-Kakhan, MS in biomedicine ’15

Other real-world learning occurs when students get involved in the local community, perhaps shadowing a physician, volunteering at a clinic, or working in a hospital or nursing home as a technician or nursing assistant.

Liberal arts and cross-cultural focus

Eastern Mennonite biology undergraduate studentOur broad liberal arts foundation also prepares graduates in unique ways. EMU core valuesinclude cross-cultural understanding and respect. Interfaith and inter-cultural dialogues and relationships are valued within the campus community. Cultural understanding can be an important selection criterion in gaining admission to medical school or other graduate programs.

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