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Music Performance Major

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Phantom of the Opera and Met Opera star Janinah Burnett joined the 2019 Music Gala at EMU. EMU students regularly get the opportunity to learn from and perform with high caliber professionals.

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If you have a passion for performing, love being surrounded by a musical environment and have to have music as a part of your life, major in music with a performance concentration. It can lead you down the path to a being a successful performing musician after college.

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Core courses

(required of all majors and must be passed with a grade of C or better for graduation credit and enrollment in next sequential course, if applicable):

  • †CMUS 120 Fundamentals of Music - 3  
  • CMUS 181 Music Theory I - 3  
  • CMUS 281 Music Theory II - 3  
  • CMUS 250 Music History I - 3 
  • CMUS 260 Music History II - 3  
  • #CMUS 200 Landscape of Music - 0  
  • *CMUS 411 Conducting I - 4  
  • #MUPS Private studies - 7  
  • #MUES Ensembles - 7

# required each semester of enrollment on the EMU campus

† may test out of this requirement

Music majors are strongly encouraged to take CMUS 250 Music History I and CMUS 260 Music History II in sequential order.

Performance Track (17 SH)

Performance track students must complete requirements for admission into the major.

Required courses for the performance track in music include the core courses listed above plus the following (must be passed with a grade of C or better):

  • *CMUS 412 The Compleat Musician - 4  
  • MUPS Private studies  (Private studies in the major area will be registered for 2 SH each semester after admission to the performance concentration.) 
  • *MUED 412, 413, OR 415 Pedagogy in the performance area - 2 
  • MUES 333 Chamber Ensemble (two semesters) - 1 + 1  
  • MUPS 390 Junior Recital - 1  
  • MUPS 490 Senior Recital Project - 3  
  • Piano Proficiency class is required until piano proficiency is met.
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