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Music at EMU

Music Performance Major

Jacinda Stahly, recent music performance graduate
Recent graduate Jacinda Stahly gained experience in teaching and arts administration at EMU. “Jacinda Stahly assembled a custom-built university experience that speaks directly to her own passions and professional goals.” —Professor Joan Griffing

“Stay true to your heart, believe in yourself, and work hard.”
-- Joe Cocker

If you have a passion for performing, love being surrounded by a musical environment and have to have music a part of your life, a concentration in music performance may be just for you! It can lead you down the path to a being a successful performing musician after college.

The performance concentration allows flexibility and a variety of options to the student upon graduation. All EMU students who have earned this degree and auditioned for graduate school have successfully done so. Others have chosen careers in teaching privately, or as a free-lance composer, or paired music with a career as a complementary component. No matter the choice, performance students have always developed themselves into the best performers/composers they can be!

Students may choose instrumental, vocal or composition specialty within the performance concentration.


The EMU catalog provides more details about music majors at EMU.