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Music Ensembles

At EMU our ensembles are open to all musicians, regardless of major or career goals. Students can register for up to 1 credit per semester or 8 credits total toward graduation for ensemble participation. 

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Why join an ensemble

  • Students who participate in music during college are gaining valuable skills related to teamwork, decision-making, and creative problem-solving. 
  • By joining a musical ensemble at EMU you can experience the joy of creating music together.
  • Even if you aren’t a major, joining an ensemble in college continues to develop lifelong appreciation for the art of making music.
  • You will have an opportunity to continue the investment you made as a child in perfecting an instrument and performance techniques.
  • Making music can be a stress-relieving activity.
  • Non-majors are eligible for scholarships for ensemble participation.

Chamber Singers Highlights

  • Small group comradery
  • Opportunities for touring
  • Recording opportunities
  • Dive into challenging repertoire
  • Auditions required

 University Choir Highlights

  • Large group choral music
  • Accessible to a variety of skill levels
  • Improve through challenging music with strong singers
  • Make friends and join others who love to sing
  • Performances in concerts and events throughout the year

 Orchestra, Jazz and Wind Ensemble Highlights

  • Get to know the community – Harrisonburg community members play with students making this a great way to get to know alumni and community members.
  • Play a wide variety of music and explore new genres
  • Emphasis on collaboration not competition in music making
  • Casual and formal performance opportunities
  • Some roles may require an audition


Ensemble choir at EMU

Chamber Singers

A select choir of approximately 23 mixed voices that studies and performs choral iterature of various periods, styles, and cultures. Performances occur both on and off campus; some touring is done each year. Members of Chamber Singers are also members of the University Choir.

Directed by Benjamin Bergey

University Chior

University Choir

A large choral ensemble representing a wide variety of academic majors. The choir sings primarily sacred repertoire from all periods of music history. Membership is open to any Eastern Mennonite University student by audition. Alumni, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to participate in the choir for the department's Fall Music Gala, Christmas Lessons and Carols service, or Spring Concert.

Directed by Benjamin Bergey

EMU Jazz Ensemble

EMU Jazz Ensemble

The EMU Jazz Ensemble provides opportunities for students interested in jazz to learn musical skills and techniques associated with jazz music performance including different styles and improvising. Emphasis is placed on performance of jazz in the big band style. The Jazz Ensemble is open by audition. Preferences will be given to students of saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drum set, bass, and guitar, but all students are welcome. The ensemble performs on campus and at local venues.

Directed by Robert Curry

EMU Orchestra

EMU Orchestra

An orchestra open to students, faculty and community players interested in playing selections from the symphonic repertoire. Several concerts are scheduled each year, occasionally in collaboration with soloists and other student ensembles. Audition may be required for wind players.

Directed by Benjamin Bergey

Jazz group playing on the lawn

Chamber Ensembles

Small ensembles of voices and/or instruments are organized according to the interests and abilities of students, and coached by various EMU music faculty. Additional fees may apply.

student playing a clarinet at a concert

EMU Wind Ensemble

A large ensemble of woodwinds, brass, and percussion that is open to students, faculty and community players. Two concerts are scheduled each semester, occasionally in collaboration with soloists and other student ensembles. An audition may be required.

Directed by Robert Curry

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