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The 2019 spring musical, Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," gave EMU students an opportunity to perform with community members.

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With our musical theater concentration, you can hone your creativity and build community so that you can serve more fully in a variety of careers. By combining theater with our interdisciplinary music major, you will learn techniques of voice training with core courses in music, theater techniques with core courses in theater, and take electives in both theater and music to enhance your knowledge and skills in both areas.

Annual musical productions will give you many opportunities to practice your new skills and hone your stage presence. A senior capstone project puts you at center stage, putting everything you’ve learned into practice in one finale project.

Are you a 4th-12th grade student interested in musical theater? check out our Summer Musical Theatre Programs.


Core Music Curriculum  Core Theater Curriculum
Fundamentals of Music* Survey of World Theater History
Landscape of Music Practicum (or other electives)
The History and Techniques of Music I  
The History and Techniques of Music II  
Conducting I  
Private studies  
Music Electives
(choose 4 credits that align with your interests)
Theater Electives
(choose 2 of the below)
Folk-Rock to Hip-Hop  Acting for the Stage and Screen
Introduction to Music Technology Directing for the Theater
Listening to Film  Screenwriting or Playwriting
World Music Technical Theater 
  Theater Topics
Senior Project 

*Some student may test out of this requirement

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Major in Music  

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