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Psychology major original research

April 2018 EMU student poster presentations at Virginia Psychological Association:

  • Michael Austin, Directed forgetting: Examining accounts through negative priming
  • Liza Brenneman and Liz Resto, Test anxiety: Expressive writing as a priming intervention
  • Hannah Cash,  Effects of art making among college students
  • Cela Hoefle, Visibility and attitudes towards transgenderism within Thai and U.S. undergraduates
  • Jasmine Johnson, How pre-performance routines enhance performance in individuals participating in sports activities
  • Maisie Kirkley,  The effects of reporting study hours on academic performance
  • Michaela Mast, The brain on music: An inquiry of shared music-color associations
  • Lydia Musselman,  Do we remember emotional material better?
  • Rose Persinger, Self-objectifying environments affect one’s mood and self-esteem
  • Emma Stutzman, Can anger make you happy? Examining desired emotions and well-being
  • Lara Weaver, The role of religious motivation and empathy in predicting theological ideation [winner of student poster award]
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