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Minors and Concentrations

Psychology Minor

A psychology minor covers the same basics as the major without the specialized topics and supplemental experiences. This minor complements other people-oriented professions such as medicine, business, church ministry and education.

Minor includes 18 SH of study with courses in General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, Abnormal Psychology and a psychology elective.

Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor is an interdisciplinary minor between the psychology and biology departments.

Minor includes 18-21 SH of study with courses in the following areas: General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Neuropsychology, Advanced Neurobiology, Research in a Neuroscience Topic, Advanced Human Physiology, Cognitive Psychology, Biology Research Seminar, Psychological Research Design and Analysis. Learn more about the neuroscience minor.

Pre-art Therapy

The pre-art therapy concentration will prepare you for graduate studies in art therapy helping people express themselves using the creativity of painting, drawing or other artistic means. You will take a combination of art and psychology courses that are pre-requisites for graduate school programs in art therapy.

Education majors with a lisensure in art will also benefit from this concentration. You will be able to apply the concepts learned in this concentration in your classrooms and teaching practice. 

Concentration for Psychology major: 18 VACA credits

(Any of the courses listed below can be used as a core class except the Intermediate and Advanced Studio courses)

VACA 121 Drawing 4 SH
 VACA 131 Three-Dimensional Design 4 SH
VACA 222 Painting 4 SH
VACA 232 Ceramics 4 SH

Choose one of the following courses:
VACA 332 Intermediate Ceramics
 VACA 434 Advanced Drawing
VACA 435 Advanced Painting

2 SH

Concentration for VACA major in Studio Art: 15 Psychology credits 

PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology 3 SH
 PSYC 311 Psychological Research Design & Analysis 3 SH
 PSYC 331 Abnormal Psychology 3 SH
PSYC 361 Theories of Personality 3 SH
PSYC 391 Introduction to Counseling 3 SH

Concentration for Art Education major: 9 Psychology credits

PSYC 331 Abnormal Psychology 3 SH
PSYC 361 Theories of Personality 3 SH
PSYC 391 Introduction to Counseling 3 SH

Students majoring in disciplines outside of Psychology, Studio Art, or Art Education need to
complete the VACA courses listed in section 1 and the Psychology courses listed in section 2
to receive a concentration in Pre-Art Therapy.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology (12 SH)

The industrial and organizational psychology career concentration will prepare you for further study and application of the principles of psychology in business. Industrial and organizational psychologists work in business environments and apply theory and practice to human resources, sales, marketing, and management. This concentration will also enhance your application to graduate programs in industrial and organizational psychology. 

BUAD 221 Principles of Management OR BUAD 331 Organizational Behavior 3 SH
BAUD 321 Human Resource Management 3 SH
PSYC 311 Psychological Research Design and Analysis 3 SH
PSYC 221 Social Psychology 3 SH

Pre-music Therapy (17 SH)

Psychology, music and music education majors may consider a concentration in pre-music therapy, which will prepare them for music therapy graduate programs or music therapy equivalency programs. This interdisciplinary concentration will prepare you for careers in music therapy for diverse populations including those with physical or mental disabilities, disorders and impairments.

PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology 3 SH
CMUS 120 Fundamentals of Music 3 SH
Topics: Intro to Music Therapy 2 SH
MUED 121 Voice or MUED 131 Piano 1 SH
MUED 341 Elementary School Music 2 SH
PSYC 331 Abnormal Psychology 3 SH
ED 301 Needs of Diverse Learners 3 SH

Sports Psychology (15-16 SH)

The sports psychology concentration will give you the background in psychology and sports management that is necessary to pursue a career in sports psychology. This concentration includes courses that will prepare you for graduate programs in sports psychology and will prepare you for coaching, athletic training and directing, or team consultant. 

PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology 3 SH
PSYC 231 Applied Behavior Analysis (3) OR PSYC 342 Cognitive Psychology for the Health Sciences 3 SH
LEAD 300 Leadership Theory & Practice 3 SH
PE 302 Motor Learning 2 SH
PE 201 Principles of Coaching 2 SH
Choose 1
PSYC 391 Intro to Counseling (3 SH)
PE 414 Biomechanics of Sport (2 SH) 
3 prerequisites: BIOL 112 or BIOL 437; BIOL 122 or BIOL 447; PEM 143
 2-3 SH
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