Graduate Programs of CJP

What kind of peacebuilder are you? 

Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation

Prepares students to address longterm sustained, structural change in organizations, communities, and at larger state and global levels.

Things you can do with an MA in CT:

  • Organizational leadership
  • Media, arts and peacebuilding
  • Community development
  • Trauma and resilience practice
  • Faith-based peacebuilding (dual degree with MDiv)
  • Political lobbying
  • Governmental leadership
  • Dialogue
  • Mediation, negotiation and facilitation
  • NGO leadership
  • Income generation projects
  • Advocacy
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Anti-racism work
  • Immigration & Refugee Resettlement
  • Public administration

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Master of Arts in Restorative Justice

Prepares students for leadership roles in the growing social movement promoting a justice that heals.

Things you can do with an MA in RJ:

  • Criminal justice work
  • Facilitation of restorative justice processes
  • Restorative justice in schools and universities (RJE)
  • Circle processes
  • Victim’s rights advocacy
  • Anti-racism/racial reconciliation work
  • Residence life leadership
  • Trauma resilience practice
  • Social and policy change
  • Transitional justice
  • Re-entry and post-release incarceration coaching
  • Reintegration for sexual offenders
  • Biblical justice
  • Community development
  • Community organizing, advocacy and activism

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CJP’s academic work is distinctive because it combines theory and practice. Ongoing practice opportunities, specialized skills courses, and individualized practicum placements inform the learning experience through the entirety of the program. 


 (download a pdf version of "What Kind of a Peacebuilder are You?")

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