Graduate certificate in Restorative Justice

Restorative justice practitioners work with those affected by crime, violence and abuse to identify or create outcomes that heal relationships while holding those responsible accountable for the harms that were done.

Designed for criminal justice professionals, restorative justice practitioners, international transitional justice consultants, educators, religious leaders and community organizers, the restorative justice certificate will:

  • Revitalize your vision,
  • Allow for reflection, and
  • Build your knowledge and skills for truly helping individuals and groups involved in harmful encounters.

The certificate program offers: 

  • Faculty mentors who are on the leading edge of research and practice in the field of conflict resolution and conflict transformation;
  • Graduate courses taken with master's degree students at CJP;
  • Connection to our global alumni network of over 600 graduates; and
  • Flexible study options for professionals with summer courses, weekend courses and single-day-a-week semester options.

Curriculum (18 SH)

Core requirements (12 SH)

  • PAX 534 Foundations I (6 SH) 
  • PAX 533 Analysis (3 SH) and PAX 532 Formation for Peacebuilding Practice (3 SH) in SPI 
  • PAX 571 Restorative Justice – 3 SH
  • Practice course – 3 SH

Electives (6 SH)

Electives with advisor approval. Any CJP course can be beneficial depending on the student’s area of interest. Some suggested options:

  • Online restorative justice courses (when offered)
  • Justice in Transition/Building Justice (in SPI)
  • Circle Processes (Fall/Spring for 1 credit; SPI for 2-3 SH)
  • Organizational development courses (in SPI)
  • Community Organizing (in SPI)
  • STAR (Fall, Spring or SPI)
  • Philosophy & Praxis of Forgiveness & Reconciliation (in SPI)
  • Nonviolent Mobilization for Social Change (Spring)
  • Mediation & Negotiation (Fall)
  • Facilitation (Spring)
  • Building Resilience in Body, Mind & Spirit (in SPI)
  • MA in Education RJ courses (especially for those wanting to work within educational settings)
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