Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation

This 15-credit graduate certificate is designed for professionals who wish to develop secondary skills to further their work and organizational mission. 

Why Study with Us?

  • Design a curriculum for your interests with minimal core requirements
  • Flexible study options for professionals with summer courses, weekend courses and single-day-a-week semester options. 
  • Graduate courses taken with master's degree students at CJP.
  • Connection to our global alumni network of over 600 graduates.
  • Faculty mentors who are on the leading edge of research and practice in the field of conflict resolution and conflict transformation

Curriculum (15 SH)

Core Requirements (6 SH)

  • PAX 534 Foundations I (6 SH)
  • PAX 533 Analysis: Understanding Conflict  (3 SH) AND PAX 532 Formation for Peacebuilding Practice (3 SH)

Electives (9 SH)

Electives will be decided with a faculty advisor based on your interests and goals. 

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