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The Center for Justice & Peacebuilding is a practice oriented academic program.  The theories of change and the practice skills offered at CJP are meant to prepare individuals for a career in real world settings of complex conflict and injustice. The MA in Conflict Transformation and MA in Restorative Justice degrees require practicum experiences to prepare you for your career with hands-on experience and interaction with people outside the classroom.   

Practicum Details

  • Practical, hands-on involvement will give you experience in conflict transformation, peacebuilding and/or restorative justice practice, most commonly with an organization engaged in specific initiatives within the field.
  • Personal reflection regarding the experience, based on personal observations, conversation with others, and feedback from the on-site practicum supervisor and the practicum advisor.
  • Consultation and accountability accomplished by learning to draw on the wisdom of others in the decision-making and learning process.
  • Work closely with mentors like your practicum supervisor (a faculty member), practicum director Amy Knorr, and their on-site supervisor.

Most students do their practicum in the fourth semester (the spring semester of their second year for full-time residential students). A practicum is taken for 6–9 credits. 

Possible Placement Organizations

Students have completed their practicums in a variety of locations, locally and globally, with many different organizations. The list below includes a few examples of recent practicum sites.

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