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About Business and Leadership Studies

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Noah Dahllof, a business administration major at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), got a behind-the-scenes taste this summer of the economy’s circulatory system – shipping. Dahllof was an operations intern at Trinity Logistics, where he coordinated deliveries of freight all over the country.

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In our program you will learn that business can:

  • be foundational to peacebuilding
  • work for fairness and justice
  • value people
  • be service
  • responsibly steward resources
  • be interdisciplinary
  • have a global perspective

You will learn to run, manage and promote businesses that work for the good of all.  You will gain practical skills for successful management in a variety of organizations.

Developing effective leaders and managers

Our curriculum is focused on developing values, skills, and knowledge. You will  develop a sense of integrity, fairness, and stewardship of resources. You will gain an understanding of business as a service profession that is critical to God’s care for humankind.

Our professors will enable you to:

  • lead and to manage effectively
  • think critically and to apply effective problem-solving methodologies
  • communicate clearly both orally and in writing
  • work collaboratively in diverse settings
  • apply financial statement analysis to the stewardship of organizational resources
  • use information technology in order to further organizational objectives

Experiential learning

Interships, case studies, special projects, simulations and field experience is a part of many of your classes at EMU. You'll gain professional experience and learn skills from real-world situations in your classes.

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