Computer Engineering

As an EMU computer engineering graduate, you will learn to blend computer science and electrical engineering. The field further advances digital technology, computer networking and computer systems. You will be well prepared to pursue graduate studies or delve immediately into a growing field with wide open job market.


Engineering Core Semester Hours
Introduction to Engineering and Design 4
Mathematics for Engineering Lab 1
Introduction to Programming OR Intermediate Programming 3/4
Experimental Methods* 3
Analog Circuits* 3
Engineering Statics 3
Engineering Design II 3
Engineering Design III 3
Senior Design 2
Capstone Project 2
Department Approved Ethics Course 3
Math/Science Core Semester
Calculus I and II 8
Calculus III* 4
Statistics for the Natural Sciences 3
Differential Equations* 3
Linear Algebra* 3
University Physics I and II 8
General Chemistry I 4
And One Of The Following:
Precalculus for Science and Engineering 3
Topics - Math Modeling 3
Linear Algebra 3

Computer Engineering Emphasis Courses Semester Hours
Discrete Math 4
Networks and Data Communications 3
Architecture and Operating Systems 4
And Three Of The Following:
Data Structures* 3
Software Engineering* 3
Topics in Engineering (with advisor approval)*
Digital Circuits* 3
Linear Systems* 3
Control Systems* 3

*Alternate year courses are denoted with an asterisk.

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