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Language and Literature

Foreign Language Requirement

Students complete one 3 SH course in a foreign language. Students may satisfy this requirement by enrolling in a course on campus or elsewhere, in a semester-long cross-cultural or in select 6 SH summer cross-cultural programs. The schedule of future cross-cultural programs will identify which cross-cultural programs have a foreign language course. A foreign language course counts as one of the two required cross-cultural designate courses. Testing is available through EMU Career Services for students who wish to receive credit for languages in which they are fluent.

Spanish is offered every semester; placement in the appropriate course is based on years or semesters of experience in the language and the average grade received in the course(s). Please use the chart below to determine the right course for you.

Note: If you speak Spanish at home, have a background in a Spanish-speaking country and/or have taken AP Spanish, you are not permitted to take 100- or 200- level classes; you will not receive credit for these courses.

You must choose the level of Spanish your advisors have recommended based on this chart. If you find a course is too easy or need a challenge, you may ask to be placed in a more advanced course. Please consult Dr. Adriana Rojas of the Spanish faculty (, extension 4666) if you have any questions or concerns about placement.

Grade(s) Earned in High School
D or lower
0 years of Spanish
SPAN 110
1 year/1 semester block
SPAN 120
SPAN 110
SPAN 110
SPAN 110
2 years/2 semester blocks
SPAN 130
SPAN 120
SPAN 120
SPAN 110
3 years/3 semester blocks
SPAN 130
SPAN 130
SPAN 130
SPAN 120
4 years/4 semester blocks
SPAN 210
SPAN 210
SPAN 130
SPAN 130
5 years/5 semester blocks
SPAN 220
SPAN 220
SPAN 210
SPAN 130
Heritage/Native Speakers of Spanish
SPAN 310 or SPAN 320 
or with permission of instructor: SPAN 330, SPAN 360, SPAN 370 or SPAN 375

Course Key

  • SPAN 110 Elementary Spanish I (see note below)
  • SPAN 120 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 130 Accelerated Spanish (Spanish Language in Review)(see note below)
  • SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 220 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 310 Advanced Conversation and Readings
  • SPAN 320 Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • SPAN 330 Immigration Issues
  • SPAN 360 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
  • SPAN 370 Hispanic American Civilization
  • SPAN 375 Spanish Civilization

SPAN 110 Elementary Spanish I is reserved for students with no or limited experience in studying Spanish.

SPAN 130 Spanish Language in Review is designed for high-beginning college students. Students review concepts already learned in one or two years of language study in high school. The aim of the course is to have students reach the intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish at the end of the semester. The course covers the same material taught in SPAN 110 and SPAN 120. A student may not receive credit for both SPAN 120 and SPAN 130.

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Implemented Fall 2013

Grading Table

Spanish Resources

Our Spanish faculty members have gathered many resources for your studies in the language, including:

  • online dictionaries
  • listening comprehension practice
  • speaking
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • news, culture, and travel
  • Spanish for healthcare professionals
  • poetry and literature

There are a variety of events you can attend, too. Make new friends as you practice speaking and building your vocabulary by attending Tertulia!