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Language and Literature

Spanish Language Film Series

Films will be played in Spanish with English subtitles in the Suter Science Center 106 at 6:30 p.m.
All are welcome. Admission is free!

Introductions and student-led discussions will be in English.

Spring 2018 Theme: (Her)story

La teta asustadaJanuary 31, 2018 
La teta asustada [The Milk of Sorrow] (2009) Dir. Claudia Llosa 
Fausta is suffering from a rare disease called the Milk of Sorrow, transmitted through the breast milk of pregnant women who were abused or raped. “[This film] is littered with unforgettable images of incongruity, destruction, and, finally, healing.”~Ella Taylor, Village Voice

VolverFebruary 13, 2018
Volver [Return] (2006) Dir. Pedro Almodóvar 
Bold, vibrant, saturated with colors and rich characters, Volver takes us into the gritty existence of two sisters struggling with the repercussions of their tumultuous family history. (iFA)

En la puta vidaFebruary 27, 2018
En la puta vida [In this Tricky Life] (2001) Dir. Beatriz Flores Silva 
En la puta vida is a dark comedy with a strong social message that explores the oppressive nature of capitalism and global structures that force women into prostitution and become victims of human trafficking. 

Spring 2017 Theme: Water

H2O MXWednesday, January 25 
H2O MX (2014) Dirs. José Cohen & Lorenzo Hagerman 
Free admission

Glacial BalanceTuesday, February 7
Glacial Balance (2013) Dir. Ethan Steinman 
Free admission

Tesoros decartadosTuesday, February 21
Tesoros decartados [Discarded Treasures] (2009) Dir. Ethan Steinman 
Free admission

Spring 2016 Theme: Repression and Hope

Tambin la lluviaWednesday, January 23
También la lluvia (2012) Dir. Icíar Bollaín
Free admission

El laberinto del faunoWednesday, February 6
El laberinto del fauno [Pan’s Labyrinth] (2006) Dir. Guillermo del Toro
Free admission

MachucaMonday, February 18
Machuca (2004) Dir. Andrés Wood
Free admission

Spring 2015 Theme: Historical (Re)Visions

La historia oficialTuesday, January 20
La historia oficial [The Official Story] (1985) Dir. Luis Puenzo 
Free admission

Voces inocentesTuesday, February 10
Voces inocentes [Innocent Voices] (2004) Dir. Luis Mandoki 
Free admission

LibertadorFriday, February 20
Libertador [The Liberator] (2013) Dir. Alberto Arvelo 
Cost: $1.50 [Sponsored by CAC]
Guest Panelist: Dr. Mary Sprunger

Spring 2014 Theme: Journeys

NoWednesday, January 22
No (2012) Dir. Pablo Larraín
Guest Panelist: Paulette Moore, Associate Professor, Visual and Communication Arts

The Milk of SorrowWednesday, February 5
La teta asustada [The Milk of Sorrow] (2009) Dir. Claudia Llosa
Guest Panelist: Barry Hart, Professor and Academic Director, Center for Justice & Peacebuilding

To the Other SideMonday, February 17
Al otro lado [To the Other Side] (2004) Dir. Gustavo Loza
Guest Panelist: Vernon Jantzi, Professor Emeritus, Sociology