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Language and Literature

Why Study Language and Literature at EMU?

What makes our program unique? Quite a few things!

A deep understanding of how cross-cultural study impacts learning

Many of our professors have lived and served internationally and have additional formal training in theology. We bring a faith-based approach of the study of the written and spoken word to the classroom.

A cross-discipline approach to learning

Our program is a large community rather than a collection of students who remain within the silos of their majors. Our interdisciplinary approach creates many opportunities to learn and share, like the literary and visual arts journal we produce yearly.

A conversation-based approach to learning or teaching a second language

Conversation partners are an important part of our Spanish studies program, which is conversation-based. Since many of our Spanish-studying students are preparing to work in the service and mission field, it is helpful to know that our conversation partners are often serving in this way through their church denomination.

A focus on critical thinking

Literature classes often shape students and have a meaningful impact on their college experiences. In our introductory classes, seniors mix with first-years from a variety of majors and learn to develop a critical eye for their studies.

Faculty Goals for Language and Literature Majors

We are a diverse group of professors who work and pray to foster our students’ development in many ways. We find that our graduates of Language and Literature have these characteristics:

  1. Our graduates listen and read closely with attention to nuance, subtlety, and detail. Speaking and writing fluently and articulately, they are sensitive to the many voices within and among texts.
  2. Our graduates cross borders for the greater good. Cultivating self-awareness and empathy, they sensitively negotiate intercultural encounters; they are adaptable and teachable.
  3. As leaders and servants, they exercise their linguistic skills critically and charitably. They thoughtfully engage in all forms of communication media. They redeem and cultivate language as an aspect of creation care, using language to generate new ideas and foster joy and beauty in the world.
  4. As they collaborate and engage in creative problem-solving, they demonstrate responsibility and share in the building of community.
  5. Finally, they think with philosophical and theological depth, taking care not to accept anything without questioning. They bear courageous witness to faith through written and spoken words, ever taking delight and pleasure in language.

Want to learn more about Language and Literature studies at EMU?

Contact us! We’d love to talk with you. 
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