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ACE Festival 2021 virtual poster show

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to hold traditional poster shows this spring, but we offer this virtual poster display.

Posters will be visible, along with accompanying video or audio introductions, beginning April 19.

Biology and Chemistry

Rebekah Amstutz, Rachael Brenneman and Jim Yoder

Nitrogen tracking and footprint reduction scenarios at EMU
audio introduction

Hannah Giagnocavo

Effects of Ibuprofen on viability and regeneration in Planaria

Garrett Howard and Matthew Siderhurst

Visualization of Fluorescence in Isoptera (Termites)

Skylar List, Sarah Grossen, and Wesam Albayati

Examining changes in anti-microbial expression in C. elegans exposed to Elizabethkingia anophelis

Aden Weybright

Terpene Emission in spruce trees

Malade Yigremachew and Stephen Cessna

A sense of belonging: relationships between nursing students and their learning environments

Theodore Yoder

GC-MS Analyses of Protein-Based Tephritid Fruit Fly Lures




Anna Cahill

Are introverts sad?

Julie Crouse

Childhood Parental Styles as a Factor in Aggression and Empathy in College Students

Brandon Higgins

Chronic Illness and Mental Health

Lindsey Histand

Preference Assessments: Comparing Different Modes and Methods

Josiah Kanagy

Covid Impact on Mental Health in the Retirement Community

Cora Sawin

Is a Lecture Just a Lecture?: A Comparison of Online and In-Person Learning Environments

Josh Wenger

Motivation and Memory: The Role of Reward on Encoding and Retrieval
audio introduction

Josh Wenger

Working Memory and Reward: A Time-based Model
audio introduction


Peacebuilding and Development

Molly King

The Use of Negative Peace


Investigations in SPAN 335: Spanish of the United States

Rebecca Arias and Carlos Flores

Español de Puerto Rico

Emma Burkhart

The development of inclusive and gender-neutral language in Spanish

Jessamine Domingo and Edith Ortega-Sanchez

The Influence of the Spanish Educational System in Native Speakers

Joshua Gomez and Jesus Trejo

The impact of the Spanish soccer league in Harrisonburg

Olivia Hazelton

Local Resources in Harrisonburg for Spanish-Speaking Immigrants

Hannah Landis and Elizabeth Miller

Recursos educacionales para hispanohablantes: Un análisis de la accesibilidad lingüística en Harrisonburg, VA

Rachel Loyer

Linguistic Phenomenons in Reggaeton Music

Maria Menjivar

Immigrants Living in Harrisonburg

Sara Mumbauer

The History of "English Only" Education and How It Affects the Bilingual Program

Abby Olmstead and Katie Johnson

Bilingual Relationships and Linguistic Growth

Rebecca Yugga

The Migration from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia & New York

Verda Zook

Spanish as an official language of the United States













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