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ACE Festival Attendance Requirements

Don’t miss it!

You won’t want to miss the Academic & Creative Excellence Festival! Support your peers, enjoy a break from your class routine, and join the celebration! The Festival provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary networking and interaction outside your own department.

Attendance at the festival is required for all undergraduate students. Regular undergraduate classes will not be held the day of the festival. Instead, students should plan to attend the festival for at least the amount of time they would have spent in classes. To fully experience the festival, each student should plan to attend:

  • the keynote address
  • at least one oral presentation session
  • at least one poster session
  • experience at least one art or music event

You are strongly encouraged to attend events featuring students from outside your own major or academic department. In addition, professors may require attendance at specific events as part of specific course requirements.

How will they know I was there?

Be sure to scan in with your EMU ID card at all monitored events you attend. Monitored events include the keynote presentation, poster sessions, oral presentation sessions, and most arts events.

Attendance scanning will be available at least 10 minutes before the start time of each event. For oral presentation sessions, monitoring will end shortly after the session begins; be sure to arrive and scan in on time! (For poster sessions, monitoring will be available throughout the session.)

Department chairs will receive full attendance reports for all of the majors in their departments. If you need to submit verification of attendance at a particular event to an individual faculty member in order to fulfill a class requirement, log in here and follow the directions to email them a receipt of your attendance record: Report my attendance