ACE Festival Attendance Requirements

Schedule Keynote Speaker Attendance Requirement

Don’t miss it!

You won’t want to miss the Academic & Creative Excellence Festival! Support your peers, enjoy a break from your classes, and join the celebration! The Festival provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary networking and interaction outside your own program or major.

Attendance at the festival is required for all undergraduate students. To enable full participation in festival events, regular undergraduate classes will not be held on the Thursday of the festival.

To meet the attendance expectations, students should first attend the keynote address on Wednesday, April 16.

Then, on Thursday April 17, students are expected to participate in organized activities for an amount of time equal to or exceeding the time that would have otherwise been spent in class sessions.

To fully experience the festival, mix it up and try to attend different types of events. Options include:

  • Oral presentation sessions
  • Poster and project sessions
  • EMU Authors' Reception
  • Visual and performing arts (music) events
  • Some events offered on other evenings of Festival week (see Festival Schedule)

Students are strongly encouraged to attend events featuring students from outside their own academic program. Professors may require attendance at specific events as part of course requirements.

In the case of potentially conflicting requirements from different courses, students may use their best judgement about which events to attend. Also, note that presenting or performing in a festival event counts as attendance at that event!

Earning Engage credit

Students may earn two EMU Engage points by attending the keynote address in person on Wednesday morning. Certain other evening events will be listed in the EMU Engage calendar for one point.

Passport stamping!

Passports will be available to get stamps for attending breakout events scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm on Thursday, April 17. A passport with at least 3 stamps may be submitted to earn one additional Engage point. (Exceptions: No stamps for lunch or coffee breaks.)

You will need a hard copy of the passport to get it stamped! (This is not an electronic process.)

Passports may be obtained 3 ways:

  • Pick up your passport at the ACE Festival Keynote on Wednesday morning.
  • Download a passport here and print it in advance.
  • A limited number of passports will be available at session venues.

At the end of the day, submit your passport at the drop-off box at the Front Desk of the Hartzler Library (or leave it with an afternoon oral session moderator). Passports must be submitted by 6 pm on Thursday, April 17.


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